Terms and Conditions

1. All prices quoted are for one days hire unless requested otherwise. Goods may normally be received during the day prior to use and returned the following day (we are closed Saturday & Sunday)

2. The day hire charges are:


Day Charge


1 Day / Weekend


1.0 times Hire

2 Days


1.3 times Hire

3 Days


1.5 times Hire

4 Days


1.7 times Hire

5 Days


1.9 times Hire

Full Week


2.0 times Hire

Subsequent Days after 1 week


0.266 times Hire

Subsequent Weeks after 1 week


1.6 times Hire

3. Goods not returned on the arranged date will be charged on a daily basis per full day thereafter until goods are returned please see section 2.

4 Any times that are given are only approximate and subject to no unforeseen Circumstances arising. Collections, returns and deliveries on saturdays, sundays and out of office hours will be subject to additional charges over and above all other charges.

5. Deliveries and collections are quoted for a door to door service by a single driver, customers should ensure that they or their representatives are at the delivery address to receive or return the goods. Please ensure that you have enough manual assistance with the moving or siting and removal of equipment especially at difficult venues e.g.: Marquees, Office premises, Large Halls, Locations off ground floor level. Where delivery entails our staff moving goods to specific areas and/or having to reassemble equipment after use and extra time is involved, additional charges will be made.

6. Any wasted journeys and waiting time due to unprepared sites and or nonattendance of the customer or representative will be charged for.

7. Bookings are made with the acceptance of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to refuse the hire of any equipment.

8. Verbal, telephone, online & emailed bookings will be accepted, however a part payment deposit of a minimum of £30.00 or 30% of the total hire value, whichever is the greater, will be requested at this time and will only be considered booked when part payment deposit funds clear. This deposit is non-refundable if the order is cancelled by the customer. If the date is within a week to the delivery we can only accept full payment. Please check the hire estimate to confirm that it is correct before confirming any order.

9. We are pleased to reserve equipment in advance on receipt of the required deposit. Payments made by cheque must clear 7 days prior to the delivery date.

10. The signing of a delivery or collection note is taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions.

11. Part payment deposits are held against cancellations.

12 Reduction in orders will not be accepted within 96hrs (4 days) prior to delivery date.

13. Payment is to be made by cash, cheque, card or by direct bank payment.

14. Credit account facilities may be arranged for customers wishing to hire on a regular basis (subject to credit status). All accounts should be settled within 30 days of the hire date or their agreed terms. Failure to meet the agreed terms may result in the right to a credit account being withdrawn at any time.

15. Monthly interest of 5% of the gross total invoice value will apply when overdue 30 days or their agreed terms.

16. Prices are subject to the rate of VAT prevailing at the time of invoicing.

17. All goods are subject to the following conditions and availability. Alternative equipment may be offered in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

18. Goods at all times remain the property of Anglian Catering Equipment Hire Ltd.

19. The customer is responsible for any loss and or damage to goods from the time of receipt of goods until the time it is collected or returned any loss and or damage will be checked on site and we will advise as to any additional costs.

20. Goods left unattended at other premises are left at the customers own risk. Goods should be checked and signed for by the customer at the time of delivery. We do not accept liability for damages and or losses beyond this point.

21. Any query as to the goods delivered should be made to the company immediately by telephone. Should no such notification be received the company request that the customer accepts our assessment of any loss or damage if any.

22. When breakages, damages or losses occur, no substitute items can be accepted a charge will be made in respect to the broken, damage or lost item.

23. All, boxes and packing is to be returned in the same condition to that it was delivered.
Any losses and or damage caused by dampness or otherwise will be charged for.

24. Tableware has been stored in warehouse conditions and may require washing prior to use. Every effort is made to ensure that this is not necessary. We reserve the right however, to charge for the cleaning of equipment returned in a dirty condition.

25. Special attention should be paid to stainless steel items and silver plated items. Please wash immediately after use especially when acidic dressings have been used.

26. Linen is especially venerable and any stains should be rinsed and dried. Do not use bleach, do not stain in unconventional ways as these may not be removable by the laundry and you will be charged if so. Do not pack linen away when damp as mildew can stain the linen beyond repair.

27. No responsibility can be accepted for damage caused by misuse of the equipment hired. Particular attention should be paid to surfaces on which water boilers , burners and hot-cupboards are standing. It is advised that an electrician be consulted before using any electrical equipment such as these at outdoor sites.

28. Delivery slots are as follows: 
Morning: 08.00-12.59
Afternoon: 13.00-17.00

29. If a specific time is required an additional charge of £15.00 will apply.

30.  All our electrical equipment is tested using legally required testing equipment prior to each use and only sent out with a pass.

31. Special care is required when using LPG equipment, if unsure please seek advice on all electrical/LPG equipment this is available on request.

32. When glassware comes packed in its normal corrugated plastic boxes with inserts, these stack to a maximum safe height of five boxes in usual circumstances. If you intend on cleaning the glasses, please pay special attention to the cleanliness of the box it is returned in, any glasses made dirty by the box will be charged for cleaning.

33. Any plastic bags that items such as the cutlery come delivered in may be discarded.

34. A cleaning service is available on request and has charges associated to it.
All costs without a cleaning charge are based on the item being returned in a clean condition. A charge will levied against items being returned in a non-hygienic manner.

35. Linen can be damaged very quickly; if a spillage occurs please soak the soiled item until clean then most importantly dry the linen. If dirty linen is packed away wet, it can be attacked by mildew, rendering the cloth unusable. If this happens the damaged cloth will be charged at the full replacement cost.

36. Always place the dry linen back in the cloth bags supplied, as black sacks are a catalyst for mildew. Please ensure that cigarettes, flammable items and other damaging items are not in contact with the cloths as burned cloths etc. are deemed to be destroyed and a full replacement will be charged.

37. Drawing Pins and staples etc. destroy the fibres in the fabric please refrain from this practice, a charge of £3.00 for each cloth will be charged for cloths being returned to us full of table confetti/decorations.

Edited: 23/02/2015