Below is a table showing the various cleaning charges we have in place should you wish to return your order back dirty

Hire Code Product Description Hire Cost
(Excl. VAT)
CRO1 Crockery Cleaning 0.10
GLA1 Glassware Cleaning 0.10
CUT1 Cutlery Cleaning 0.10
CRO2 Crockery Sundries Cleaning 0.25
GLA2 Glassware Sundries Cleaning 0.25
CAF1 8 Cup Cafetiere Cleaning 0.50
CAF2 12 Cup Cafetiere Cleaning 0.65
Linen Linen Cleaning FREE


Please note:

  • We will only clean our own equipment
  • 95% of our customers return items back dirty
  • Please scrape the plates to get rid of excess food